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This Was The Second Book

Kindness Goes Unpunished  - Craig Johnson

I didn't think I would like a Walt Longmire story set anywhere besides Wyoming. I was wrong and I should have known better! I love fish out of water stories! They're my favorite ones EVER.


So, Walt and Henry drive Henry's Thunderbird (Lola [yes, Lola]) to Philly where Henry has an art exhibition for his photography collection. Soon after they arrive, Cady (Walt's daughter) is seriously injured. The rest of the book is all about how Walt deals with her injury and catches the culprits.


It was wild to see Philly through the eyes of a man who's used to being alone in the mountains/plains of Wyoming. But the descriptions ring true. Every way that he describes the buildings and the statues and the people is word perfect to Walt.


Oh, and I didn't have to wait until the end of the book series ;)


PLOT - 5/5
PROSE - 5/5