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The Cold Dish - Craig Johnson

As previously stated, I have no idea how to review books that I like. This is also kinda a half-review for the Longmire TV show. You've been warned...


So, to reiterate the title of this review: always read the book. Honestly, if I had know that Longmire involved something besides racism and copious amounts of old man angst, I would have read the books ages ago.


The first big difference between the book and the show is that Walt narrates the whole shebang in true lonesome cowboy fashion. It's fantastic. I now want to know what Walt Longmire is thinking all the time. It would have really spiced up the show to know what he was pondering while staring off into the Wyoming sunset. (But no, they had to go with angst and no one ever talking about their feelings!!)


Perhaps my favorite part of the book is Henry's nickname: Bear. Honestly, he deserves it. The thought of someone walking up to Lou Diamond Phillips and calling him "Bear" just tickles me pink.


I've already got the second book in my Amazon cart and I hear that they don't exactly keep Vic and Walt away from each other until the series finale so I'm 100% ready to read more.


PLOT - 5/5
PROSE - 5/5