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I Haven't Finished A Book in Months and I Read Two Last Night. Whoops.

Death Without Company - Craig Johnson

As previously discussed, I'm bad at reviewing books that I like so please forgive me for this. So, I remember little bits and pieces of this that they used in the TV series. This one involved the Basque community (which I really don't know all that much about, but you can bet that I'm going to be doing some research now) and centers around the death of Mari Baroja and her relationship with Lucian and other various members of the Durant community.


There is a bit of a content warning for this one, as it does have a rape scene in it. (It's very brief and not descriptive.)


I don't really have a lot to say about this because tbh I read it at the speed of light and didn't retain much of it. But it was great, just as good as the first one. The way that Craig Johnson narrates might change the way I feel about first person narration. I mean, I never expected to read something in Walt's voice, but the book just makes it all real.


PLOT - 4.5/5
PROSE - 5/5
OVERALL - 4.5/5