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Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows - James Lovegrove

Full disclaimer: I love Sherlock Holmes, and I love That Bastard HP Lovecraft, and I love James Lovegrove. So this review is gunna be a little bit of a love fest, to be honest.


So there are a few stories and such that combine HP and Sherlock, the most famous of which is Neil Gaiman's short story "A Study in Emerald," this is the first one I've read since that one. (I have another one on my shelf just waiting for me to read it.)


The book starts with Watson telling us how everything he's told us about Sherlock Holmes is a lie. I was hooked. I love AUs.  As Watson writes, he weaves little bits of the canon in with Lovegrove's new canon. (I can't go into it much without giving things away, but there are lizard people.)


Anyways, James Lovegrove merges the two universes seemlessly and I can't wait to read the next one in the series.


PLOT - 5/5
PROSE - 4/5